UK's cycling routes

What are the best cycling routes in the UK nowadays? (Part 1)

Interested bicyclists don’t have to travel abroad for epic bike rides. There are plenty of extreme cycling routes right here in the UK, offering all the dramatic scenery and the uphill climb you need for an exhilarating cycling ride. Whether you prefer coastal or hilly landscapes, here are five incredible cycle routes to add to your group list.

Covering about 1,000 miles from the very tip of Cornwall to the farthest point on mainland Scotland, this is one of the most iconic cycling journeys in the world. Take at least two weeks to complete, this epic bike ride will bring you face to face with the best views in the entire UK, passing beautiful beaches, gentle hills, and towering mountains.

The toughest parts of the ride are close to the beginning and end, though don’t be fooled into thinking the middle part will be easy!

Lake and Dales Loop

This particularly beautiful circle around Lake District National Park, touching the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. The cycling routes can be done at a leisurely pace for more than 6 days, or those who prefer a challenge can pack 196 miles at the least amount of time they want – the ultimate challenge is to try and complete the circuits within 24 hours.

Lake and Dales Loop is an ideal place for cycling

Starting and ending at Penrith, the route heads southwest in Cumbria’s beautiful landscape as it sweeps down the country lanes, over the hills, and beside the lake.

Fakenham arrives at the Harwich Cycle Route

A great option for cyclists attempting a first-time long-distance ride, this mostly flat route includes some of the best views in southeast England. There are two different options for routes – one that is significantly longer at 163 miles, but short 114-mile routes do not include three ferry gates.

Your journey starts at Fakenham, the route follows the Marriott’s Way to Norwich before passing through Whitlingham Country Park and Mid Yar Nature Reserve, past Ipswich and Colchester, and ending in the beautiful seaside town of Harwick.