UK's cycling routes

8 highly-recommended places to enjoy cycling in the UK (Part 3)

Scottish Islands

Skye Island is beautiful year-round but the weather can be very harsh. Roads are scarce on these islands, you are not here to climb and famous names. 

Of course, if you go further north you will reach the Hebrides, where you can follow the 297km Hebridean detour to give you a real challenge, pass 10 islands and six routes and cover two ferries. The route takes two to six days depending on capacity.

Mull Island is another popular spot for adventurous cyclists. Mull is a much larger island than Cumbrae and appears about 70km around. Beware of the large numbers of red deer on the island as well as golden eagles.

New Forest National Park

New Forest National Park has a diverse landscape. While New Forest’s peaks are not as long or steep as previously mentioned, beautiful forest trails bob and do not stop in this national park.

New Forest National Park has a diverse landscape

With a diverse landscape that all looks very different until in the end, believe it or not, deep jungle to go through, you also have open landscapes that can be further challenged by fierce winds at sea, leads to next horseback riding landscape along the sea.


Pembrokeshire’s coastal roads make up some stunning scenery. Located in the deepest southwest of Wales, Pembrokeshire’s stunning coastal roads are some of the most beautiful in the country, with some great beaches, cliffs, and vast expanses of land.

Travel north from the sea and ride the hills and valleys of historic Wales and the countryside. Celtic Trail West at 575km and Lon Teifi Trail 162km, by Sustrans, is the perfect place to put them in. While they take up much of Wales’ landscape, you can take a small portion of both routes while driving in Pembrokeshire.


Even in bad weather, Cornwall is impressive and beautiful. Of course, many cyclists flock to Land’s End to begin their adventure to John O’Groats in Scotland, but Cornwall has plenty of rides you don’t need to go looking north.

The loop on St. Mountain. The Land’s Michael is an 83km ride that takes you around some of the best areas south of Cornwall with lots of ups and downs to enjoy on the route. You can walk out of Polzeath to Rick Stein’s fries restaurant in Padstow, discover the delights of Rock and then ride to Doc Martin’s house at Port Isaac.

UK's cycling routes

8 highly-recommended places to enjoy cycling in the UK (Part 2)

There are long windswept peaks in North Yorkshire. Buttertubs and Park Rash, for example, or you can ride Calderdale’s Flanders-esque with the Shibden Wall, plus Haworth’s main street near Bradford.

Stay west and Calderdale, if you don’t want to be thwarted by the rocks then some of the most used climbers in Tour de Yorkshire are Cragg Vale, Ripponden Bank, and Oxenhope Moor are all 20 kilometers away. If you do not like climbing, then York is almost completely flat with winding country roads and plenty of history to experience.

Lake District

Hardknott Pass is located there with the most difficult roads in the world. This is where some of the hardest roads you can find, the Lake is a difficult place to go. But who doesn’t like a challenge? The Honister Pass is almost certainly best known for its circular theater-like mountains on either side as the path zigzags to the majestic slate quarry at the top.

Hardknott Pass is located there with the most difficult roads in the world

Newlands Pass, another tough hike leading up to the waterfall before heading down to Cool Butter or Braithwaite depending on how you ride. Watendlath is a dead end on top, but one of the most beautiful trails you can climb.

In the south of the area, you can climb the toughest anywhere. With a slope reaching more than 30 percent leading to a Roman fort. Here is a list of interesting experiences for many cyclists. Wrynose Pass, climbing from the other side couldn’t be easier either, with the same slope to the top.

Cairngorms National Park

It’s a pity if you miss out on one of these best UK great mountain climbing sites. Cairngorm National Park is the perfect place if you love sports and wildlife as both have a plentiful supply.

Alternatively, you can take an incredible ride around Loch Ness, a part of the Laungorms area. Complete with legends, legends, castles, and challenging undulating roads, it’s a magical ride. Also, there is another small aspect that the weather can change at a glance which makes it more interesting.

UK's cycling routes

What are the best cycling routes in the UK nowadays? (Part 1)

Interested bicyclists don’t have to travel abroad for epic bike rides. There are plenty of extreme cycling routes right here in the UK, offering all the dramatic scenery and the uphill climb you need for an exhilarating cycling ride. Whether you prefer coastal or hilly landscapes, here are five incredible cycle routes to add to your group list.

Covering about 1,000 miles from the very tip of Cornwall to the farthest point on mainland Scotland, this is one of the most iconic cycling journeys in the world. Take at least two weeks to complete, this epic bike ride will bring you face to face with the best views in the entire UK, passing beautiful beaches, gentle hills, and towering mountains.

The toughest parts of the ride are close to the beginning and end, though don’t be fooled into thinking the middle part will be easy!

Lake and Dales Loop

This particularly beautiful circle around Lake District National Park, touching the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. The cycling routes can be done at a leisurely pace for more than 6 days, or those who prefer a challenge can pack 196 miles at the least amount of time they want – the ultimate challenge is to try and complete the circuits within 24 hours.

Lake and Dales Loop is an ideal place for cycling

Starting and ending at Penrith, the route heads southwest in Cumbria’s beautiful landscape as it sweeps down the country lanes, over the hills, and beside the lake.

Fakenham arrives at the Harwich Cycle Route

A great option for cyclists attempting a first-time long-distance ride, this mostly flat route includes some of the best views in southeast England. There are two different options for routes – one that is significantly longer at 163 miles, but short 114-mile routes do not include three ferry gates.

Your journey starts at Fakenham, the route follows the Marriott’s Way to Norwich before passing through Whitlingham Country Park and Mid Yar Nature Reserve, past Ipswich and Colchester, and ending in the beautiful seaside town of Harwick.

UK's cycling routes

8 highly-recommended places to enjoy cycling in the UK (Part 1)

The UK is currently applying a national quarantine order to control the coronavirus pandemic. However, if possible, you should plan your upcoming travel in the land of fog. Especially, there are some great places for you to experience cycling in this lovely country.

Quarantine becomes more and more familiar to us as the coronavirus situation worsens worldwide. In the meantime, we have more time with our family and ourselves. So why don’t we plan on upcoming trips to refresh ourselves?

So here is a list of 8 places in the UK you should go by bike after quarantine and this whole Covid-19 pandemic is over.

Isle of Wight

Probably one of the most underrated places for you to ride a bike. The island just off the southern coast of the British continent is a beautiful and varied landscape to ride.

Experience windswept cliffs, winding country roads, sea promenades, and many countrysides along with a series of challenging, often quite steep peaks. The Isle of Wight is a great place to ride.

Lots of routes around the island, to my personal taste, ride around the entire island, have very clear signs, and take you to paths you wouldn’t see without a route. Also, head to a place where most cars cannot go and go all the way on the southwest side of the island to see some spectacular views.

The garlic farm is also worth a visit with black garlic beer along with black garlic and chocolate ice cream, To be honest, it’s much better than you think!


It can be said that Yorkshire is fast becoming a great place for cycling in England. Sadly there is no Tour de Yorkshire this year. We’ll miss the incredibly tough roads and weather of early May in Yorkshire on our screens.

But that doesn’t stop you from planning a trip. This can be concentrated in an area of ​​Yorkshire as there are so many places to bike. It’s all about what you’re after.