UK's cycling routes

8 highly-recommended places to enjoy cycling in the UK (Part 2)

There are long windswept peaks in North Yorkshire. Buttertubs and Park Rash, for example, or you can ride Calderdale’s Flanders-esque with the Shibden Wall, plus Haworth’s main street near Bradford.

Stay west and Calderdale, if you don’t want to be thwarted by the rocks then some of the most used climbers in Tour de Yorkshire are Cragg Vale, Ripponden Bank, and Oxenhope Moor are all 20 kilometers away. If you do not like climbing, then York is almost completely flat with winding country roads and plenty of history to experience.

Lake District

Hardknott Pass is located there with the most difficult roads in the world. This is where some of the hardest roads you can find, the Lake is a difficult place to go. But who doesn’t like a challenge? The Honister Pass is almost certainly best known for its circular theater-like mountains on either side as the path zigzags to the majestic slate quarry at the top.

Hardknott Pass is located there with the most difficult roads in the world

Newlands Pass, another tough hike leading up to the waterfall before heading down to Cool Butter or Braithwaite depending on how you ride. Watendlath is a dead end on top, but one of the most beautiful trails you can climb.

In the south of the area, you can climb the toughest anywhere. With a slope reaching more than 30 percent leading to a Roman fort. Here is a list of interesting experiences for many cyclists. Wrynose Pass, climbing from the other side couldn’t be easier either, with the same slope to the top.

Cairngorms National Park

It’s a pity if you miss out on one of these best UK great mountain climbing sites. Cairngorm National Park is the perfect place if you love sports and wildlife as both have a plentiful supply.

Alternatively, you can take an incredible ride around Loch Ness, a part of the Laungorms area. Complete with legends, legends, castles, and challenging undulating roads, it’s a magical ride. Also, there is another small aspect that the weather can change at a glance which makes it more interesting.

UK's cycling routes

What are the best cycling routes in the UK nowadays? (Part 1)

Interested bicyclists don’t have to travel abroad for epic bike rides. There are plenty of extreme cycling routes right here in the UK, offering all the dramatic scenery and the uphill climb you need for an exhilarating cycling ride. Whether you prefer coastal or hilly landscapes, here are five incredible cycle routes to add to your group list.

Covering about 1,000 miles from the very tip of Cornwall to the farthest point on mainland Scotland, this is one of the most iconic cycling journeys in the world. Take at least two weeks to complete, this epic bike ride will bring you face to face with the best views in the entire UK, passing beautiful beaches, gentle hills, and towering mountains.

The toughest parts of the ride are close to the beginning and end, though don’t be fooled into thinking the middle part will be easy!

Lake and Dales Loop

This particularly beautiful circle around Lake District National Park, touching the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. The cycling routes can be done at a leisurely pace for more than 6 days, or those who prefer a challenge can pack 196 miles at the least amount of time they want – the ultimate challenge is to try and complete the circuits within 24 hours.

Lake and Dales Loop is an ideal place for cycling

Starting and ending at Penrith, the route heads southwest in Cumbria’s beautiful landscape as it sweeps down the country lanes, over the hills, and beside the lake.

Fakenham arrives at the Harwich Cycle Route

A great option for cyclists attempting a first-time long-distance ride, this mostly flat route includes some of the best views in southeast England. There are two different options for routes – one that is significantly longer at 163 miles, but short 114-mile routes do not include three ferry gates.

Your journey starts at Fakenham, the route follows the Marriott’s Way to Norwich before passing through Whitlingham Country Park and Mid Yar Nature Reserve, past Ipswich and Colchester, and ending in the beautiful seaside town of Harwick.

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London applies the laser lights project for bicycles in the UK

If you come to London these days, you can admire the special bicycle rental kiosks equipped with laser lights to warn the opposite pedestrian.

According to Slashgear, London mayor Boris Johnson M and the capital traffic management site operated by the British government earlier this week Transport for London and Santander Bank announced plans to equip the luminaires earlier this week. Blaze Laser covers all 11,500 Santander Cycles, bike models. People can rent a bike for as little as £ 2 (about $ 3) at stations with a credit card.

According to Slashgear, London mayor Boris Johnson MP and capital traffic management site operated by the British Government Transport for London (TfL) and Santander Bank announced plans to equip luminaires. Blaze Laser covers all 11,500 Santander Cycles, bicycle models.

Santander Cycles is a self-service bicycle rental service for those on a short journey. People can rent a bike for as little as £ 2 (about $ 3) at the stations with a bank card.

Blaze Laser is a small laser projection device fitted on bicycle handlebars

Blaze Laser is a small laser projection device fitted on bicycle handlebars

The Blaze Laser is a small laser projection device fitted on bicycle handlebars. This projection device will shape a small, green bicycle about 6 meters in front of the bike. This notification makes it easy for cars and pedestrians to observe and to see if bicycles are approaching on time.

It is expected that 11,500 Santander Cycles will begin to be installed with Blaze Laser since early 2016. However, the completion is not expected to be announced by the planners. Blaze Laser is largely funded by Santander Bank and was developed by Emily Brooke, CEO, and co-founder of emerging UK startup Blaze, a company that specializes in researching products for urban cyclists.

The laser aims to create a warning sign for people on the road through specific images. Earlier in September, some tests were conducted on 250 bicycles and received much positive feedback from the participants. More than half of the cyclists with laser lights report that they enjoy using these lasers, especially when driving at night.

UK's cycling routes

8 highly-recommended places to enjoy cycling in the UK (Part 1)

The UK is currently applying a national quarantine order to control the coronavirus pandemic. However, if possible, you should plan your upcoming travel in the land of fog. Especially, there are some great places for you to experience cycling in this lovely country.

Quarantine becomes more and more familiar to us as the coronavirus situation worsens worldwide. In the meantime, we have more time with our family and ourselves. So why don’t we plan on upcoming trips to refresh ourselves?

So here is a list of 8 places in the UK you should go by bike after quarantine and this whole Covid-19 pandemic is over.

Isle of Wight

Probably one of the most underrated places for you to ride a bike. The island just off the southern coast of the British continent is a beautiful and varied landscape to ride.

Experience windswept cliffs, winding country roads, sea promenades, and many countrysides along with a series of challenging, often quite steep peaks. The Isle of Wight is a great place to ride.

Lots of routes around the island, to my personal taste, ride around the entire island, have very clear signs, and take you to paths you wouldn’t see without a route. Also, head to a place where most cars cannot go and go all the way on the southwest side of the island to see some spectacular views.

The garlic farm is also worth a visit with black garlic beer along with black garlic and chocolate ice cream, To be honest, it’s much better than you think!


It can be said that Yorkshire is fast becoming a great place for cycling in England. Sadly there is no Tour de Yorkshire this year. We’ll miss the incredibly tough roads and weather of early May in Yorkshire on our screens.

But that doesn’t stop you from planning a trip. This can be concentrated in an area of ​​Yorkshire as there are so many places to bike. It’s all about what you’re after.

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The surprising number of people traveling by bike in London

According to new research, Transport for London has revealed that the number of people traveling by bike in London is one-fifth of the number of people traveling on the subway. TfL also forecasts that by 2026 there will be 1.5 million people using bicycles for the daily commute.

As a challenge to London’s next Mayor, reports have indicated TfL is eager to “normalize” cycling, and see it as a “very cost-effective form of public transport.

This report, done by TfL strategic director, Ben Plowden, said: “Cycling is now the primary mode of public transport, with the number of people using bicycles every day 10% of the total. the number of people using buses in London, and one-fifth of the number of subway users. “

The popularity of cycling in the UK

TfL also acknowledges that the construction of bike-specific highways – especially the East-West route extending to Victoria Embankment has had a significant impact on other road users. Congestion is reduced when this project is completed, the report said.

An extremely large bike transfer station is planned in Waterloo, which will provide parking space for more than 8,000 bikes.

Parking lots at Hounslow West and North Greenwich will open next month, and other parking lots will also be opened at Tottenham Hale, Abbey Wood, Barking, and Romford over the next three years.

By 2026 there will be 1.5 million people using bicycles for the daily commute

Preliminary figures on the number of accidents show that the number of cyclists in an accident in 2015 has been on an upward trend, just like in 2014.

Figures between February and July of last year showed that 229 cyclists had a serious accident, and the number of accidents in 2014 was 419. Eight cyclists were killed in crashes last year, the lowest figure in 30 years.

Also, the “Tour of Britain” bicycle race – Britain’s most prestigious racing will return to London. The tracks of the track will be protected so that the most professional racers in the world can complete the lap through Regent Street, Trafalgar Square, Strand, and Whitehall.

UK's cycling routes

Cycling is getting more trendy in the UK (Part 1)

For a long time, Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Copenhagen in Denmark have been known worldwide as the bicycle capital because the number of vehicles here is larger than the population of the city. But now there is London, England.

A bicycle tour of the British will change the way you look at the city

The number of cyclists in London has doubled over the past 10 years, according to statistics from the London Cycling Campaign. With the increase in the number of cyclists, cycling culture in London has become increasingly fashionable.

From developing bike-themed cafes and investing in bike lanes, London is showing all the signs towards a bike capital.

London is aiming to become a paradise for cycling

London cyclists often meet at the vehicle’s fan café. This is also a place where friendships are built on a common interest in either bicycle or coffee.

The trend of cycling is on the rise in the UK capital that many people shop for themselves a bike to match London fashion trends. Some people are not too concerned about fashion, they will choose for themselves the most suitable car to help them move as quickly as possible when traffic congestion in London worsens.

However, in a city that attaches great importance to fashion such as London, it is not surprising that many major fashion brands of bicycle-style have emerged and developed, such as Nonusual and Cyclodelic. These brands have quickly launched a line of fashion clothes and accessories for fans of the bike.

Visitors can check out the mechanics of their bikes at the bicycle cafes

An equally popular brand is London Cycle Chic – a stylish blog and an online store that sells beauty accessories for women cycling such as helmets, car baskets. , lights, and other accessories. Even big fashion brands like H&M have their own line of cycling fashion, designed in collaboration with major London bike brand – Brick Lane Bikes.

The sense of cycling is increasing

Since 2010, London Mayor Boris Johnson has launched a citywide bicycle rental program – borrowing the idea of ​​the Vélib bicycle rental system in France. The bicycles in this rental service are called Boris Bikes (after the Mayor of London). Approximately 6,000 bicycles have been deployed at docking stations around the city.

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How do developed countries encourage people to use bicycles? (Part 2)

It was not until the late 1980s and early 1990s that cycling and pedestrian priority policies were implemented. Among the factors that contributed to this change was the oil crisis of the 1970s, the social movements of the 1960s and 1970s to oppose the planning of streets to build highways.

Among the new highways for cycling, there is a route between Amsterdam and Amstelveen (a suburb of the capital). Another route connects the town of Groningen with Assen – a city in the province of Drenthe which is known as the “cycling province” of the Netherlands.

The UK

In the UK, former Prime Minister David Cameron once said that the country would invest about £ 94 million in upgrading infrastructure and improving traffic safety to attract more people to ride bicycles.

One of the popular methods used by many places is to provide free bikes. As in the Australian city of Adelaide, free bicycles are available in many places for residents and tourists to use.

The city of Birmingham, UK, offers bicycles to low-income people if they agree to use them. Residents of Gothenburg City, Sweden, if they commit to using less personal cars, will be granted free bicycles by the city government.

But increasing the number of vehicles and bicycle users is not enough, it is necessary to have transport infrastructure as well as policies to encourage and use bicycles. Like New York City, USA, thanks to the investment policies for infrastructure in the past few years, bicycle lovers can cycle continuously for 25 miles without any hindrance.

The city of Bristol also applies the same rules on some major routes. The speed restriction will make traffic on the roads safer, convenient for cycling, and walking.

Paris, France

Another rule that is also supported by people, is the day of banning cars, also known as car-free days. Previously, every year in the capital, Paris, France, people would have a day where the 5-mile stretch from Arc de Triomphe to Nation Square would completely ban cars so people could walk or cycle.

Many questions have been raised about whether one year of only one day of car ban, how can one encourage people to cycle. In fact, the experience of the day of banning cars has fascinated Parisians and demanded more days of banning cars. And now Paris has a car ban day once a month.


Chris Froome will retire from Ineos at the end of the season

Chris Froome will retire from Ineos at the end of the season, racing for Israel Start-Up Nation, Dave Brailsford said the cause.

Although UCI’s professional road bike racing village has not been able to resume the tournaments, it has witnessed a great event. British horned Chris Froome, who has won the Tour de France’s four-time yellow jersey for the Tour de France, decided to break up with the Ineos team (formerly the mighty Sky team) at the end of this season to move to Israel.

Chris Froome said goodbye to Ineos

The 35-year-old racer was born in Nairobi (Kenya), who won the title of individual champion in all three grand tournaments. This includes Tour de France (Grand Tour in France), Giro d’Italia (Grand Tour in Italy) and Vuelta an Espana (Grand Tour in Spain), recently signed a long-term contract with the Israel Start-Up Nation bicycle racing team (only established from 2015 to present) and will leave Ineos at the end of this season, after 10 years of sticking together.

The fact that Froome, a veteran expert at Tour de France, announced his decision to break up Ineos in the middle of the season. This caused a lot of turmoil and disturbance. But clearly, people can understand his decision.

Although he will bid farewell to Ineos later this season, Froome’s name is still “structured” on the roster of teams attending the Tour de France 2020, with Bernal and Thomas. His goal is still aiming to win the 5th gold shirt, but “must depend on the situation” on the track.

Froome also said goodbye to the racing team

To clarify all the issues, shortly after, Brailsford gave a more detailed explanation of the reason Froome had to break up with Ineos. Cycling commentator Brian Nygaard (Danish, who used to be a media official when Ineos was named Sky) was very interested in Froome’s “new move” and excitedly waited for him to face the team.

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The demand for bicycles significantly increases (Part 2)

In Europe, Giant will be more active in the future because it has built a large factory in Hungary. This is part of the Taiwanese manufacturer’s gradual transformation program to bring production out of China and gain closer access to consumer markets.

The renaissance of Taiwanese bicycles

Gina Chang, general secretary of the Taiwan Bicycle Association, said at first manufacturers were also reeling in the first quarter due to orders canceled or postponed when the corona virus was first released but then, demand turned on.

The Covid-19 pandemic can be considered the latest chapter in the renaissance of Taiwan’s bicycle industry. In the past, the island maintained its position as the world’s No. 1 bicycle manufacturer until the 1990s, when China’s economic reforms enabled many businesses to capitalize on the labor force.

Although Chinese factories continue to play a dominant role in terms of quantity, Taiwan’s bicycle production is rebounding, especially with higher quality bikes and in the bicycle market segment. Electricity is growing rapidly.

Last year, Taiwan exported non-electric bikes worth US $ 1.36 billion, lower than the US $ 1.5 billion the previous year, but 2019 recorded an increase in electric bicycle exports to 863 million USD, much higher than 377 million USD in 2018 and most to Europe.

Export of electric bicycles from January to April this year reached a record level of 301 million USD, up 23.6% over the same period last year. And Taiwanese bicycles are often higher quality models at a higher price.

The pandemic will help encourage people to choose bicycles as a form of long-term travel after the threat of corona virus has diminished because this is exactly what many governments, especially Europe, looking forward to a fresh atmosphere.


The demand for bicycles significantly increases (Part 1)

The deserted roads, the feeling of footsteps and the fear of Covid-19 infection when using public transport in Europe and the United States have created a launch pad for the soaring demand for bicycles.

Many people ride the streets of Dublin, Ireland. The Covid-19 pandemic has boosted demand for bicycles in Europe and the US.

Covid-19 opened up growth opportunities for the bicycle market and brought great rewards to Taiwan, the world’s leading bicycle manufacturer. Thanks to the early control of the Covid-19 pandemic, Taiwan did not have to completely blockade, so production activities were not affected. Currently, Taiwanese factories are racing to find parts to meet busy bicycle orders.

The demand for bicycle significantly increased thanks to COVID-19 pandemic

At Giant, the largest bicycle company in the world, its production and business activities in the past few months have been extremely busy.

Orders continue to rise, dealers report out of car and new queue status takes place throughout Europe and North America. In the UK, the Bicycle Business Association says about 20,000 vehicles are pending production and deliveries have been sold or reserved. Buyers of many components, some people have always ridden to work before, some have never ridden a bike…

Sales of commuter bicycles and sport bicycles rose 66% in March, promenade bicycles jumped 121% and electric bicycles increased 85%, according to market research firm The NPD Group.

According to Giant CEO Bonnie Tu, demand in the US and Europe is focused on bikes that cost $ 1,000 or less.

Chicago police, USA, ride a bicycle while following protest groups during the Covid-19 season.

Giant’s plants in Taiwan are still operating, but many of their facilities in China were temporarily closed when the corona virus originated in Wuhan. The 100% production recovery was delayed due to problems with sourcing parts from suppliers.