UK's cycling routes

Cycling is getting more and more trendy in the UK (Part 2)

A major cycling culture is growing in London

Residents can rent and change cars for short trips within the metropolitan area. The purpose of this program is to encourage capital residents to leave the bulky cars that are the main culprits of environmental pollution and chronic congestion.

The government of the UK encourage its people to use a bicycle that is both convenient and good for health. This program also aims to build an image of London friendly and environmentally conscious.

From this show, the bicycles, nicknamed “Boris” in blue have significantly increased the number of bicycle trips around London, however, they have created a more viral effect: raising awareness of road users, especially motorcyclists and cyclists.

Today in London, there are many events and activities related to regular cycling. Jacquie Shannon, a London enthusiast of bicycles and architecture, joined the “London Fixed Gear and Single Speed ​​Forum” forum to share information with people from the same department as me.

By connecting people with similar interests, she organized a bicycle parade to find the beautiful architecture of the city of London, derived from the idea of ​​the program Tweet Run each took place in 2009.

So far, the event has attracted about 500 cyclists to meet each April every April with a principle of wearing tweed for a bicycle parade. The Critical Mass is another bicycle-related event. An informal meeting will take place on the last Friday of each month with hundreds of cyclists involved in a call to raise awareness among cyclists and motorcyclists.

The plans to encourage cycling in the UK

Better news for London cyclists in the future is that the city government of London recently announced a £ 1 billion budget plan to improve vehicle transport infrastructure. bicycle.

Under the plan, the capital London will have a clear distinction between cyclists and motorcyclists on the highways, adding a two-way bicycle lane and, most importantly, will increase the construction of safe parking lots to create more favorable conditions for cycling passengers.

In addition, the city is also planning to implement a project called “Bicycle Super Expressway”, which creates clear and safe priority lanes for cyclists to help them move faster and faster. safer. All of these projects are being implemented by the London Department of Transportation to increase the frequency of bicycle use in the city by four times by 2025.

Not only Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Copenhagen of Denmark, so far, including Paris (France), Montreal (Canada), Barcelona (Spain) has succeeded with creating cycling habits for people. And with London, becoming “paradise for bicycles” is probably not far away.