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Bicycle is the most popular transport in the UK

Around the time of coming to the UK to study, many international students have the first mentality of wanting to travel around to explore the scenery.

In order to do that, students need to know public transport in the UK and how to use it most effectively. In this article, we will introduce popular vehicles in the UK, which helps you make the right choices for you and explore the fog country.


Bicycles are recommended the most popular means of transportation in the UK. They are very useful for students, not only costly but also exercise and protect the environment.

Many UK cities also have bicycle lanes. To ensure the safety of your bike, do not forget to wear a helmet even if this is not required. You should also wear a luminous glow vest at night so that other vehicles can recognize it.

Subway / Metro

Metro is the most popular means of transportation in the UK, easy to use and also a simple way to travel around the city. In central London, the cost of a metro ticket is around £ 4, in other cities it may be cheaper with around £ 1.5 per trip. To save money, you should buy an Oyster card for students (up to 30% off). Oyster cards can be purchased online or at the ticket counter at the station.


Traveling by train is also a popular way in the UK that students often use. Train stations are located throughout the UK, from big cities to small towns. Therefore, travelling in the UK by train is a great experience you should try in this country.

There are many types of train tickets: one-way tickets, round-trip tickets, free round-trip tickets (without return time determination). If you determine the train is a UK transport you use regularly, you can buy a season ticket to save, this ticket is valid from 1 week to 1 year.